Wednesday, June 5, 2024

More comfort food


Sitting around with a broken rib isn't the most fun I've ever had. So I am trying to comfort myself by putting fox and skunk into pictures of Nice, France. I would comfort myself by eating lots of ice cream mochis, which I have become inordinately fond of. These are the size of fat little cookies and are a wee dollop of ice cream wrapped in flavored mochi. But if I comforted myself with these delights too much it would not be good for me. So I prudently limit myself to one ice cream mochi a day.

But I can make as many fox and skunk pictures as I want. Sometimes in the night, with my rib hurting and my head full of anxious thoughts, it comforts me to think of the day when I can get up and put fox and skunk into pictures of Nice.

You may notice alterations of the streetscapes of Nice in these pictures, and you may not. I guess the most obvious parts are the various fox and skunk related street art and graffiti. You probably already know this, but in case you don't, "Renard" means "Fox". "Moufette" means "Skunk". How complex these pictures might become I can't predict, though they drift in that direction. I'd rather they not lose their natural appearance though, so my adornments may be self limiting.

And with that, here are today's pictures:

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