Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The only use for magic


As a reader of clerkmanifesto you will be well aware of my interest in AI. Although if this is your first time visiting clerkmanifesto, Oh my God!! 

Welcome! Come in. Come in! Can I get you something to drink? Gosh I hope you like it here! 

And to make your first experience here as smooth as possible, there is one thing you should know:

I have an interest in AI.

Oh, my interest is not so much in its technical capacity, or its implications to society, or in relation to its effect on the workplace, to its ethical dangers, or concerning its qualities as a tech bubble. My interest in it is strictly as an artistic tool. I can spend endless hours putting together dodgy music videos made out of old poems. I have painstakingly crafted pictures of my co-workers with their spirit animals. I make library theme songs. I am chasing after AI's magical wonders. And if endless experiments with the dozens of new tools popping up nearly every day end in disaster, or in the common stone walls of false promise, there is still always one thing there for me, one thing that always works out, one thing that will invariably make me happy about AI:

The ability to put a fox and a skunk in any picture I want.

I keep thinking "Surely I will get tired of this."

But no.

So here are a handful of new pictures of fox and skunk in one of my favorite cities, Nice, France.

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