Sunday, June 9, 2024

What about Kyoto?


If you will kindly refer to today's title, it posits the question: "What about Kyoto?".

This is in relation to my current project of exhaustively proving that even the most beautiful cities in the world would be improved by the removal of cars, and through the means of having the streets made into canals. Rome and Nice have been covered already. But Kyoto already has some canals. Well, as far as I can tell, it has one or two canals? I've never been to Kyoto, but there is one canal at least that comes from a lake, and there is also the Shirakawa River, which looks a lot like my pictures of cities where I put canals in them.

In short, like Venice, Kyoto already kind of proves my point as is. But since I am into proving my point exhaustively, I contend that Kyoto, beautiful as it seems to be, can definitely use quite a few more canals!

And so I have provided. 

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