Monday, April 1, 2013

A wee post about books

Hello to all my friends in China. I got a page view from China! It might have been some sort of weird, automated thing, but, if not, hello to all my friends in China! 你好, or, "Ni hao!"

Sorry, I'm pretty excited about my blog. But this is not a blog about blogging so I'll try to restrain myself here. What I came to discuss with you briefly are books. Actual books for reading, which are the same sort of things I shuffle around a fair bit during a workday. I wont go the book review route too much here mostly because my usual reading state is one where I'm having a hard time finding books I like enough to really recommend. The ones I do recommend are over on the sidebar to your right under 'what I'm reading' but which you should take to mean 'what I've read relatively recently that I really liked.' Anyway, I have been on a roll with reading lately, books I just think are terrific so I'll say a few words about them now and bring your attention to this fancy sidebar feature. It's the least I could do what with you're coming all the way to my blog from China! And though you might not quite have the same taste as me my following descriptions will be so thorough it will be as if you read these books, but without any of the fuss of time passage or any painful "not enjoying" them due to our variant tastes.

Actually, I won't say that much here, just, well, this, about these 3:

Drops of God is a graphic novel soap opera about wine tasting that was super popular in Japan. You know what else was super popular in Japan? Sushi. You like sushi don't you? Anyway, it actually manages to teach some about wine in a melodramatic, lovely funny soap opera kind of way that is a compelling treat in the way a fantastic tv show is, but this series will leave you multi cultured and palate attuned whereas a tv show will  merely leave you smelling of sulfur and ozone and wasted youth.

Bushman Lives is the best Daniel Pinkwater book in a long long time, pure fun and magic, and an absolute shoe in for the Newberry Award, or, um, it would be if those people ever got their act together. Want to know what it's about? It doesn't matter! I promise. It doesn't matter! Do you like enlightenment? Did I mention that Daniel Pinkwater once sent me a postcard!

Constellation Games I really loved, but I think it would help if you liked video games, anarchy, Ursula K Leguin, and books where the space aliens don't come to eat us. You should definitely like most of those things to try this book. But if you're four for four on that, you might want to hurry to your library, or you can buy it too! I think authors like that.

Okay, that's all from here. Surf with caution and creativity.

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