Friday, April 12, 2013

Good News Bad News and Bad News Good News at the Library

While I wrote this it kept reminding me of something from the old Mad Magazines I read as a youth. I wasn't finding it a particularly good feeling, but it's okay, we'll call it sort of a tribute, and so I proceed as follows...

Episodes of a day at the library with the good balancing the bad and the bad the good.

Bad News: I can only understand one in four words of the patron calling. Also I think he is yelling and crying.
Good News: It seems to be an issue for the reference desk!

Good News: Am having an amiable discussion with a co-worker about our shared hatred of a literary sub-genre (twisted psycho-sexual thrillers).
Bad News: When I launch into a small tirade against an iconic example of this sub-genre (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) it turns out my co-worker loved it.

Good News: That guy who is always sitting in the magazine/genre fiction area is reassuringly there again today.
Bad News: He seems to be sort of staring at me.

Good News: This cart of genre fiction books had nine John Sandford books on it and so was incredibly quick and easy to shelve!
Bad News: This just means I have to go downstairs and get another cart.

Bad News: This patron I am helping smells overwhelmingly of urine!
Good News: I am continent and gainfully employed!

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