Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just some stuff

Maybe it is not strictly Clerk or Library related, but she could never be considered a friend of either of these things and I am marking her passing with a link (yes, over there, on your right). It is worth it, I mean it, but you will need to be somewhere where you can watch video and listen to music. Consists of slightly sweary speech and a song. So click elvis if you will.

This anyway is my first link and first link list. I hope to be rolling out more in the weeks to come. Most will connect to my own family of blog pages. Eventually you will be able to meet all your entertainment needs from this portal directly and if my lobbying/bribe efforts come into full flower all computer devices will just hardwire you directly to this site. Wont that be convenient! No more fiddling and clicking, you'll just turn on your computer and you'll be here! I wish it was the future already.

I am not at work yet today, but I will try and let you know if there is any free food of note as soon as I can.

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