Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Links to My World of Entertainment!

Yes, yes, we will keep this entirely about clerking and its related endeavors here whenever we can, but I am weaving this site into my vast empire of entertainment blogs and so I beg your forbearance as I introduce you to this new world. My goal is that you will never ever have to go anywhere on the internet but to my constellation of blog pages or, er, web sites. Don't worry though, it wont be a legal requirement that you only go there, just something you'll feel compelled to do all on your own! Like facebook for some people, or that game where you shoot colored balls at other colored balls. Anyway, the links are over there on the right (and will probably always hover up near the top of those things). At this early stage we have a link to my cartoons. That page will see fresh material for quite awhile on a daily basis. We also have a link to the secret secrets of writing. That will update every couple days for a couple weeks and then just mostly simmer. More links are yet to come though. Good luck! We will now resume our regular programming.

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