Thursday, April 4, 2013

Out Shelving In the Old Timey Library

I thought a lot about Live Blogging (see sidebar) from the fiction shelves but had to face it; it is, as usual, real quiet up here. I think it would be hard to thrill you with:

1:34:  The guy who's always sitting in that chair reading the newspaper is again sitting in that chair reading the newspaper.

People sometimes complain or ask where the old library is amid all the factory floor style open bins of DVDs, endless rows of computers, and children working concertedly on their ability to mimic the screeches of wild cats. But that old library is still around, right here, hanging on happily enough upstairs, just a ton of books, one ever so barely adequately paid government employee (That's me! Hi!) steadily restocking the shelves, and a few quiet individuals scanning slowly along for something decent to read. Last week was crack pipes in the garden, a nasty family tumble down the central staircase, and a man wildly enraged about his lost glasses case, and there will be more low thrill drama like that again this week too, but mostly it's just....this. A Library. It might as well be 1958 up here, except maybe for all the writhing bondage pictures on the book covers.

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