Monday, April 1, 2013

This Week From the Breakroom

I eat pretty well. I use a vast majority of organic ingredients. I shop at co-ops and cook a lot. Today the food I've brought to work includes homemade vegetable potstickers, homemade croutons, and a small bag of organic roasted cashews. I'll make a latte with organic coffee and organic milk on my own espresso machine that I keep in the breakroom. I eschew the weird processed foods and fast foods so many of my co-workers horrifyingly eat. I'm just saying that I have some real standards. And yet, when it comes to the free food that shows up mercurially in the breakroom my glorious foodie standards shatter like a Tiffany window with a brick thrown through it.

What is it about this free food? Is it the sheer distraction? Is it the ridiculously ready to go, stick-our-germy-hands-in-the-bowl availability of it all?

I guess so. And it is by no means just me. Free food in the breakroom sometimes shows up that I would never consider eating in the remotest recesses of my imagination (even if it's possible I might have brought it in!) and, bam, in 5 hours it is all gone. It's a miracle of human ravenousness!

So to help you share in all the glorious excitement of the free food in the breakroom I will begin a new side bar item (look right and probably up a bit). It may come and go depending on whether there actually is any free food. The uncertainty and occasional scarcity of free food only adds to its popularity. Be part of my Library life experience and check out "What Free Food Is There In The Breakroom Today?"

Also, in honor of this new feature, take the quiz (also a new feature!) on what free food you'd be most likely to eat. Sadly it's not the sort of quiz where you can win a prize or anything, but you do get the fun of asserting a meaningless choice among a ridiculously narrow range of choices. I've undersold it, haven't I?

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