Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two truly miscellaneous notes from the front desk, not for the faint of heart.

Under the category of random stories from the front desk, today, one with a bit of commentary, one not:

1. A man came to the front desk, to my co-worker. He had three small children and they had carefully chosen a few books each that they were quietly excited about. My co-worker asked for their Library Card. The man said he didn't have a card. My co-worker nicely explained how he needs to get a Library Card to check out. The man was stunned and perturbed by this, argued briefly against nothing, as acquiring a Library Card is both sensible and reasonably simple, and then, abruptly, the man left, his children's carefully chosen books just abandoned there on the desk.

My heart is warm to all the manner of troubled humanity that comes into the Library and I run a surprisingly high benefit of the doubt, which is surprising for one such as I so touched with cynicisms and cautious misanthropisms. But this man, with his little needless cruelty and carelessness to his children, this man I place beyond the pale and my heart is closed to him forever.

2. Another man, 40ish, about 4'10" tall came to my desk. I honestly had not noticed his height in any way. He said "How are you?" I said "Good, how are you doing?" He said "I'm still short."

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