Friday, August 23, 2013

Ten signs you are losing your mind as a patron

Some days ago I posted the twelve signs that showed I was losing my mind at work (here!). But you are more likely to be a patron where I work (or in some similar place) and so you are probably wondering "Hey, Blogger, how do I know if I am losing my mind when I am a visitor at the Library?"

Good question.

Here are:

Ten Signs You Might Be Losing Your Mind as a Library Patron
(or signs you may have lost it already!)

1. You pay several dollars in fines out of a jar of small change (the more pennies you use the stronger the indication)

2. Your shirt has swear words of any kind on it.

3. You toss something in the trash, miss, and keep going.

4. Nothing particularly bad happened and you "would like to speak to the Manager."

5. You cannot understand why we would need proof of address just to get a library card.

6. You keep running into problems with our limit of 20 DVDs out at a time.

7. You ask questions at the front desk but never stay for an answer.

8. Staff knows you by name, but looks real tired when they say it.

9. You are outraged when we don't, wait, just, You are outraged.

10. That's the third time you've fallen down the stairs.

1 comment:

  1. Very funny! So true about those pennies!


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