Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flattering spam

I don't just want to be a megalomaniac, I want to be the greatest megalomaniac who ever lived!


One regular feature for a person writing a blog is that we receive some very, very flattering spam. I have so far managed to prevent any of it from appearing on my blog because I think you would be less interested in hearing what has to say. But I am always delighted to know that he or she has "found my very interesting post." and is "certain I will be a blogger much to watch!"

Oh, sure, I look to be the eminently confident, self possessed blogger to you, but when writes a comment to say, about my post on who the people in my neighborhood are, "You sir have given me much thinking in your wonderful post and I will be coming back here often. Check out my own site at..." my heart thrills to know, in reaching out to the world, I have touched someone so much that they would like to sell me shoes or steal my identity. Sure, we value my identity around my house, but it's so nice to know others out there do as well. So to all the nice spammers out there; thanks for letting me know, and I'll be sure to check out all your sites as soon as I can. So nice of you to leave those handy links! Your very general, but also perceptive and encouraging comments, totally keep me going. Bless you.


If you were wondering, yes, you should comment. Not only does it remind me that I must write in intelligible English because someone is actually reading what I write, but it is also a pleasure for me since I am interested in anything you have to say.

I respond to pretty much every comment. It's like a free personalized blog post!

One last detail: If you are commenting on a post more than two weeks old I have to go in and approve it. It's sort of a spam protection device. Also, rarely, a comment will go to spam on its own. Give either of those a day or two and your comment will show up on the blog.