Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kerri Miller at the Library

Kerri Miller hosts the late morning show on our local public radio station. She used to come to my Library occasionally and so I've interacted with her several times. I haven't seen her for awhile. People's patterns change. She might frequent some more local library. Her radio show has a strong focus on books, reading and authors, so I suspect she gets glutted with complimentary copies from publishers. That might keep her away more too.

When she was coming around and I listened to her show (which I still do) I would often compose things to say to her in my head. I once heard Noam Chomsky said something like that NPR should pay him for all the stress they cause him when he listens. Not to go too deeply into it, but I think that, in our deranged culture, to maintain an image of political neutrality, or that you're sort of mainstream, or just roughly unbiased, you must not say a long string of blindingly obvious truths while also treating a long string of lies with consideration and neutrality and as if their status is yet to be determined. My comments, composed in my head, generally came from this territory. It was satisfying to think them up before I changed stations to music, in order to bring my blood pressure back into safe ranges, but I knew they were not really points of discussion. When Kerri Miller came to the Library what I generally said to her was "Hi." I think it was for the best.

She always said hi back, as if she sort of knew me, which, with famous people, makes you feel almost like you're famous yourself.

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