Friday, September 20, 2013

Sally Brown at the Library

I was all set to gently chide those of you who did not know the very famous Sally Brown. But then I remembered that each post in Famous People at the Library Week comes with a picture, and that fact sure did put the kibosh on the chiding! Though I suppose some few of you might not have gotten all the particulars from just the picture, I doubt there's anyone who would not have gotten the general idea. And so it is, Sally Brown, Charlie Brown's little sister, regularly comes to my Library.

What is a little kid like her doing at our Library? I never see her with any adult, and I'm pretty sure she lives at least a few miles away from here. My best guess is that she was kicked out of her local Library and possibly banned. She is one ferocious kid, and quite a yeller.

On the one hand I kind of wonder about the Brown parents. Their son, who I've only seen a couple of times, at a distance, seems very sad, and their daughter is unusually emotional, loud, and fierce. It is very hard to know what kind of house that is. I've never met their parents. I think they might have a dog.

Anyway, general concerns about parenting aside, and some amount of horror at her too-boisterous-for-the-Library behavior, I really like that Sally kid. It is hard not to enjoy and admire that much spirit in a small child. It also makes her a very funny kid. I have tons of hilarious stories about her. Unfortunately I am finding that every time I try and tell you one of these stories my speaking parts in the story all either come up blank, like:

So Sally said "I crushed it but it won't stay flat!"

And I said ""

Or, sometimes it comes out as: And I said "Bwah bwah bwah bwah."

But I finally figured out a way to tell a story of Sally Brown at my Library without me appearing.

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