Sunday, September 22, 2013

What have we learned from famous people

We have now completed Famous People at the Library week, and what a week it was! Sally Brown! Prince! Garrison Keillor's nephew! But it was not just a series of dazzling, glittery thrills in which we fawned excitedly over the most miniscule utterances and encounters! No! It was a rich learning experience.

Hmm? What's that? What did we learn? You mean the blog post is not over yet?

Ha, of course the blog post is not over! Here is what we learned:

1. Famous people want to be treated just like regular people, except when regular people aren't treated so well, which is surprisingly often, at which point famous people are open to suggestions.

2. Any blog post about a famous person will increase traffic to your blog in direct proportion to how famous the person is: Post about furniture: 46 views, Post about author Elizabeth Berg: 57 views, Post about Prince: 1,367,485 views.

3. Famous people venture into libraries so infrequently (presumably because they are rich enough to afford color televisions for their entertainment) that it can take decades for a Library blogger to accumulate enough stories for famous people at the Library week, and even then they have to make up half of them.

4. No matter how boring, insignificant, trivial and stupid you find a famous people story to be, there will come a time when that famous person will come up in conversation and you will be telling that story.

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