Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Plan

Traditionally, or erratically, I have treated Sunday as casual day on the blog and everyone wears dockers. Whoa, where did that come from? Dockers? Khakis? Izod? I don't know. I just pull things from the culture. I read about casual day. I make associations, but I haven't really experienced casual day. For most of my life I have worked at a library where I tend to show up in my pajamas and have run into no particular problems doing so. I like to make the patrons feel at home. I don't want patrons to feel like I'm showing them up with my fancy job and clean clothes and teeth and everything. It's a matter of respect.

Anyway, ahem, gosh, so Sunday. Right. Unless I'm just cram full of real heavy duty blog posty kinds of things, with THEMES and RUMINATIONS it's all just a bit more chatty on Sunday. I tell you about PLANS and about BLOG PROJECTS and about how kafka the library cat has tasted organic, cream top whole milk and we have, like, a junkie cat on our hands. You know, that kind of thing. So today, in that spirit, I am going to tell you about AN AMBITIOUS PLAN. Doesn't that sound fun. At first I thought I would do this project on Sunday, but when I started to tell you about this all here, I got all sad. I started having a very, very nice time chattering to you without THEMES, and I realized: wouldn't my AMBITIOUS PLAN go much better on Saturday? I decided it would. So, here is what's going to start happening here next Saturday:

I am going to write a book!

Genre: Mystery
Setting: North Shore town (Lake Superior), a very unusual Library!

And the way I will do this is by having a blog within a blog. The book's narrator (first person) will tell the story through blog posts, written for his Library's website. So, the idea then is, every Saturday will be a fictional blog post, telling a continuous story.


How will I remember what happens from week to week?

I am thinking I will very briefly synopsize, in a sentence or two, the previous posts in a list above the newest post.

I only visit your blog during the High Holy Days. Will there be some way to read back sequentially through the posts so far to get fully caught up?

Sure, I can do that. Somehow. Maybe by putting a link at the top of the new posts, before the synopsizes, that takes you to a complete, story so far, page.

Why don't you just create, like, a new, fake blog for this project?

I did think of this you know! 

Oh, sorry. One probably shouldn't get defensive when answering questions one has asked of oneself. I will answer. Two reasons. One, I would like to keep all my writing energy directed point blank at this fabulous confection of a wonderland of a blog. Two, it has been a long, brutal, and confusing journey for me to build a regular readership of somewhere between 8 and 29 people. The process of coming to terms with that level of fame (apparent to the close readers of this blog), has not been pretty and is ongoing. I just couldn't take embarking on that all over again.

If I don't like it can I opt out somehow?

Yes, just click here.

Is once a week enough for continuity?

Let's see how it goes.

What day again?

Saturday. See you then.

Wait. Will you still do the regular blog?

Oh, yes. Everyday! I'll be in my pajamas writing away at the library for you tomorrow!

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