Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Highlights from an hour at the library front desk

1. Waived $24 in fines from a patron's record due to their medical emergency involving a detached retina. Did not ask for proof, but as a reward, apparently, for my waiving the fine, I did get to see a picture of the bloody eyeball.

2. Was able to accurately answer, in one try, the patron's question of "Oh, what's the name of that woman author who's so funny?"  with "Janet Evanovich."

3. Man had a cell phone conversation while I was helping him so I decided to hold him up to public ridicule by publishing his name shamingly on my widely influential blog. I privately recanted of my plans when he nicely apologized, but I'm keeping a bloody eyeball on him.

4. Checked out BY HAND (sort of like in the old days) 42 books to a family that forgot its library cards. I told them that it would help facilitate the check in process if, when they returned them, they included a synopsis of each book.

That concludes the highlights. Thankfully there were no lowlights.

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