Sunday, January 26, 2014


Have you ever read a book? It is traditional in a lot of books for the author to write a little bit about all the people who helped the author. Sometimes the author gets pretty effusive about all these fabulous readers and agents and publishers and editors. Then the author takes responsibility for all the errors and failures, whatever they may be, that are in the book, saying that these errors are the author's own. It's an okay tradition. I won't make fun of it here. It is part of how the world works. There are great things in how the world works, beautiful and grave, magical and fierce. But I just wanted to tell you, and me, because it is easy to forget, that we defy the world here. Hopelessly. This blog is in opposition. It is part of our mission. It is the only way to get at some truth that may be impossible to get at. But we try. And any failures here are not my fault. And all the successes establish my innocence, and are my own.


  1. A nice post today. I am commenting to remark on how exquisitely formed it is. You have crafted this one without seams or visual signs of process. How fine!

    1. I have read this comment many times now, finding it fascinating and delightful, so I think I'd better just thank you for your kindness in saying so, and move along.


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