Monday, January 20, 2014

The library is closed

I have been in the library when it's closed. It is lovely, hushed, and smooth. You can look out the windows and see the people come. Even though it is a Famous Person Holiday they drive in to the parking lot. And even though the parking lot is eerie and nearly empty they get out of their cars. And even though there are big door signs that say "Closed for Holiday" they pull on the doors. And even though the glass doors are soundly locked they cup their hands and peer in. And even though it's mostly dark and vacant they knock. And even though no one comes they linger. It is one bitter pill.

I do not scoff. It is our nature to hope that what we wish to be true is true, even if all signs point otherwise. God watches over us all. People are basically good. I returned that book on time. I have a dream.

We might as well try.

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