Sunday, February 9, 2014

Exciting blog updates!

It is time for one of my informational updates about this blog. While this is less entertaining that my usual sorts of blog posts, it won't matter too much because, if you are anything like me, you will read pretty much anything put before your eyes. I think that this is the very principle upon which the internet is run. Call it the law of active inertia. We may not be keen on all the horrible click bait that litters the web, but without it we might be stuck reading the same page over and over and over. Even this exciting blog update would be much less interesting on an eleventh read through.

1. See the blog!

If you are reading this through email or through a reader, on paper or are just bullet-like fixated on these words, you might want to glance about the actual blog as it is sporting a new, less generic look that includes homemade art.

2. Fewer robots, more typing tests!

I have held off and held off on doing this, but I am increasingly having to deal with way too much spam in the comments (something you don't see because I delete them, or possibly because you never look at the comments, or possibly because this is the first time you have ever seen this blog to which I can only say, you have picked the perfect post to start with, well done!) so I will now be asking commenters to verify, well, not that they are human, necessarily, but rather that they are there. You have to be there! It is all I ask, except unfortunately, I also ask that you type in some hard to read words to prove it.

3. Kafka is moving!

Look for the relocation of kafka to the Last Harbor Library, that is, if I can bear it. I feel all the f-things should be together. No, I cannot bear to say the f-word here. The only thing I am less likely to say is the p-word. Ahhhh! I've already said too much!

4. Last Harbor Public Library news.

I plan on continuing the Saturday posts of the (f-word) Last Harbor Public Library Blog here. But it does have its own developing dedicated blog (here) which may start to get peppered with little, between the weekend, bits of posts and things borrowed and adapted from the history of this blog. So, it can be followed too, by email and other methods, if you're interested enough in it, and can bear some repetition.


  1. I like the original art borders very much! And I am not a robot! But I did once make $5,678,923/week from the comfort of home in nothing but my pajamas!

  2. I'm here! Yes, I like the new look to the page. Keep up the good work. Sorry that spam is causing all the havoc for you.

  3. Thank you both, glad you like the new look. As to grape making over 5 and a half million dollars at home in his pajamas I don't believe it, because anyone making that much money would surely share with us the website link that would allow all of us to make that much money too!


    You're welcome!

  5. I'm confused. ...even more so than usual.
    Why is Kafka leaving? I smell a freshly opened can of misplaced priorities!

    1. Good enough for me then. kafka stays. It was presumptuous for me to even suggest the possibility.


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