Sunday, February 16, 2014

What kind of blog is this?

I live my life, usually using my breathing and eating and circulatory system and stuff. Things happen. Sometimes they show up in the blog, sometimes they don't. If something takes up a lot of my free time, my recreational time, my whirling consciousness, it's generally better if the blog can find some way to merge with it, whether that thing is libraries, Rex Stout novels, or, in its hall of mirrors way, blogging itself. The blog gives articulation and clarity to that which I want to do, and the things I want or need to do have some place to go to be understood and organized. It's economical.

All of this is my way of explaining why you have started to be faced with a small deluge of Olympic posts. But for those of you not keen on Olympics, who come here to look into the face of the momentous and deep things only I dare discuss, I say, hang in there. There are only a couple weeks of Olympics. When it is over we will immediately resume our discussions of shelving. But even if you do not care much for Olympics, don't turn away. What we discuss here, under any circumstances, is merely ephemera. It hardly matters. For underneath, what we are always really doing, is redesigning the world. We know how badly it needs it. So, no matter what we discuss, that is our true work here, and on that, we never take a break.

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