Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Joke week

Is it joke week?

Anger week, Joke week. Do we now have weekly themes here on clerkmanifesto?

Only by accident. Like when a car crashes and all the cars behind it can't stop fast enough.

So I was looking at that joke about a centipede and walked right into it. And I wrote a joke.

You get to hear the joke now.


Because it is joke week! 

I hope we don't get whiplash.

Okay, so, this joke is in the classic question and answer format. The question and answer format sounds challenging, but is merely rhetorical. Your only job ever in this joke format is to answer the question with "I don't know", unless, of course, you already know the joke, in which case you say, regretfully, "Oh, I've heard this one." But you can't have heard this one because I just wrote it today! So, anyway, there will be a question, then a long space where you can just sort of think "I don't know" and then there will be the allegedly funny part, at which point joke week will be over and everyone will drive a lot more carefully around here.


No, that's not it. Here. We'll start now.

Why are there no Muslim Eskimos?

Because when Ramadan comes during the Summer Solstice they all starve to death.


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