Friday, June 27, 2014

Best blog on the Internet part 412

I am occasionally seized with the desire to call this the best blog on the Internet. Feeling that some seizures are best indulged so that they can get a bit of exercise, I generally give reign to my evaluation. I haven't yet changed my blog masthead to read "The Best Blog On the Internet", but it could happen at any moment. I suppose there's a bit of the circus spirit in my giant claim, magic tricks, pratfalls, showmanship. You will see things here beyond the limits of human imagination!

But no matter what my reasons, when I start talking about my blog being the best blog on the Internet, THE BEST BLOG ON THE INTERNET, you invariably think one of the following things:

1. Oh, this.

2. Who can say? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't

3. There are other "blogs"? Tell me about these "blogs".

4. How did I get to this page. I just want to figure out my plumbing problem. I hate the Internet!

5. Drat, I guess I'm not going to be mentioned in the blog again today!

6. My blog would be better than this one, if I wrote one.

7. I wonder if I should have spaghetti for dinner?

8. Damn straight this is the best blog on the Internet! I would tell people, only, who would believe that I, Bob Dylan, am so fond of a Blog?

But of course that list, though comprehensive, is also a mere sketch. Each and every one of you is ultimately fathomless, multivarious, endless, and subtle beyond any possibility of full accounting. Even if one of my above options captures the exact phrase that might run through your mind when I call this the best blog on the Internet, it is no real match. It is like saying a cappuccino is water run through crushed coffee beans with milk added. Yes, it is accurate, but it leaves off so much nuance and essence as to be painful to one who loves cappuccino. And that description is a best case scenario, just if I got your particular phrase exactly right in my list above.

But you and I know that really, "best", the whole idea of "best", is an illusion. There is no best blog, or best song, or best book, or best coffee, or best cheese, or best painting, or best world cup goal. 

For good or ill we know that such things and ideas are a game. Or at least I know it when I take some deep breaths and remember. 

There is only love, and life, and all that is broken.

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