Wednesday, June 25, 2014


All week when I am not thinking up ideas for blog posts, or writing those posts in my head, but I am nevertheless thinking about my blog, I think about clever ways to promote my blog. These are vast, ornate schemes that will bring it the worldwide notoriety that I feel my blog so richly deserves. I only manage to stop thinking of my promotion schemes by telling myself I can do them all on Thursday, Thursday is my big, down in the basement studio day, where I can fiddle with my blog endlessly and without interruption. A day of endless possibility and opportunity. Thus I defer it all to my Thursday self.

Fortunately I have always been a wiser person on Thursday, and so when Thursday comes I do far, far more clever things than promote my blog. I sleep late. I embed strange comments into what is already the vast history of my blog. I make fruit syrups to add to soda water. I become involved in The World Cup. I read whatever is closest to me. I walk on water. I close my eyes and try to watch the world grow older.  And all these things that might normally seem a bit throwaway to me become the friendly things that help me resist promoting my blog.

Now, at this point you might be wondering "Is promoting your blog so bad?"

No, no. Not at all. There are many people out there in the world who I feel should be doing just that. I think it would be good for them, a rich and satisfying hobby. I believe there are many people who take a much too passive approach to the arts, too corporate, too convenient, and for whom promoting my blog would be the perfect antidote for them, a bracing tang of bitterness, an antibody in their blood, a minute stake in the hidden culture and the mystery steam works of the world. 

But I am not one of these people.

And neither are you.

I will see you here again tomorrow forever.


  1. Fruit syrup for soda water - sounds delicious. Perhaps there will be a blog post one day that includes more info about how your readers can do that at home, if we dare.

    1. Okay then, I'll see if I can work towards that. If my splendid and generous co-worker gives me a bucket or two of cherries as she did last year fruit syrups might be just the sort of thing I would write about before passing out from a fever of glee.


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