Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joking with patrons

I joke with the patrons.

A patron says "My library card doesn't work here. Can I get it registered with you?"

"Sure," I respond lightly, then suddenly remember. "Is your calender clear for the whole evening? This will take several hours."

"Yep, all clear." They say.

Entering the new patron record I look up from their driver's license. "Is this still your birthdate?"

They assure me that it is.

When I hand them their card they say "Yay, I can check out books."

"Take them all." I encourage. "We're not doing anything with them.

Exit our new patron.

And why wouldn't I like these people. They are good sports, one and all.


  1. I like that. I always like when there's an exchange in the world--whether it be at the market with a cashier or two people casually commenting on the weather, and a good friendly joke reaches its way in. Sometimes when I'm teaching and someone sneezes, I say, "Sorry, there's no sneezing in class." 94% of the time the students know I'm kidding.

    1. Well clearly we see eye to eye, but I must confess that that 6% always worries me when I'm joking like that.

      Funny sneezing joke, and one that neatly sidesteps all those church and state issues!


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