Thursday, July 17, 2014

Messi the Introverted Soccer Player

This is a children's story. I'm thinking that it will ultimately be a picture book. I will only say at this point that the illustrations are being worked out. With the international popularity of soccer I am sure it will be easy to find a publisher. Of course, this will be easy enough to begin with as publishers these days are desperate for manuscripts and will publish almost anything to feed the national craze for reading.

For foreign markets we will use the word "Football" rather than "Soccer" because foreigners use different words.

 This story turned out to be the only way I could work out my strong feelings about the soccer player Messi.

Messi the Introverted Soccer Player

Once upon a time there was the greatest soccer player in the world.

His name was Messi

He was not like the other great soccer players.

He did not strut.

He did not shout.

And he did not throw his chest out.

His smile did not light up the world.

It was just a nice, shy sort of smile.

Messi was an introverted soccer player.

Messi was always little for his age.

They called him the flea.

Some people said he was autistic.

Some people said he was terribly shy.

Some people said he should be different.

They do not understand.

He is introverted.

It is hard to be introverted.

But it gives you secret wisdom.

Millions of people love Messi because he is so great.

But with his secret wisdom,

Messi knows this is not really love.

Love is how he feels about soccer,

And about the people close to him.

Messi does not say a lot.

But he scores a lot of goals.

More in one year than anyone ever has.

He does not do it by being dramatic,

And kicking the ball far away.

He keeps the ball very close to him.

Closer than anyone else.

Messi is an introvert,

And the best soccer player in the world.


  1. With a good illustrator, this could be one of next year's very good children's books. Seriously.


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