Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We'll never know

I was at a midweek farmers' market with my wife today. I got a free band-aid, a tote, and a lanyard key chain. Some of the berries looked good but I wasn't feeling flush enough to buy any. Someone was selling half pints of tart cherries for four dollars. Please don't tell my co-worker that she is giving me about 80 dollars worth of cherries this year. My fancy thank you pint of ice cream that I plan on getting her is looking a bit thin right now.

Between a couple of booths I was surprised to see my name written clearly in chalk on a bare place in the asphalt. That may sound a bit fanciful, and yet it's completely true. My first name actually was spelled out exactly, in a moderately neat, pale yellow script. It faced towards the main thoroughfare of the market. So I stood behind it and waved for awhile. No one paid much attention, but I'm not sure what was supposed to happen anyway.

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