Saturday, August 2, 2014

11 posts to the future

I have been frenetically writing blog posts so that during my vacation, far from the Internet, my blog can still feed. My blog needs a blog post every day to live. I am not sure what would happen if I did not feed my blog. Would it weaken? Fall ill? Die? Or would it go feral and start roaming my neighborhood, etching top ten lists and pithy sayings in minute letters on the leaves of hostas, devouring lavender plants, and visiting the local library to heckle misbehaving patrons?

I don't know, but this is not the time to find out.

Currently I am eleven posts out ahead of today. This is about as far as I have ever written into the future on my blog. Not to be all boastful, but it is fortunate that my prose is a timeless jewel of eternal perfection. In a week and a half a lesser blogger's posts can become insensible, stale, even rotten. Mine (again, not to be boastful) will keep in a sealed bag for up to a month! If you wrap it carefully and place it in a freezer it will be safe to read all the way into the fall!

Usually when I get out far ahead on my blog I take a breather. I let things settle. This is because every post that has not yet gone live on my blog is sort of still alive in me. They are adjustable, reconsiderable, unfinished. Holding on to a dozen short essays that are still flopping around like fish that refuse to die is disconcerting. I lose sight of what I'm saying. I am spread thinly across too many kinds of writing; all wisdom and hubris and folly and anecdote and anger and love and just us, folks, pulling me apart at the seams. So usually I need to let it all settle out, refresh, focus.

But not now. This is a long vacation and I have more posts to take care of. As I push two or three blog posts a day into the future, as I try to get 15 or 16 blog posts out ahead, I enter an unexplored territory. Fortunately the feeling of weightlessness and confusion and anything goes is starting to appeal to me. How many times can I write about vacation plans, or moose? I don't know, but I don't think it's particularly dangerous. Indeed, there's probably only one real concern in all this, only one real peril:

As long as I don't start writing about writing my blog I should be okay. But don't worry, I don't think I'd ever let things get that out of hand.

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