Friday, August 1, 2014

Moose announcements

My initial suspicion was that there are only two camps here: 

1. The "Oh no, he's going to talk about moose again!" camp.


2. The "I can't take it! The tension is unbearable. Will he see a moose?" camp.

I soon realized, though, that there might be a few more camps, like:

3. The "What? What moose? What's he talking about?" camp.


4. The "I pop in on the blog occasionally and read back through the posts. I already know whether he saw a moose" camp.

To this "camp number four" I beg:

Don't tell me!!!!

I don't want to know if I saw a moose!

Hmm, though, on second thought, sure, if you can figure out a way to tell me, go ahead. 

Time travel fascinates me.

And what about:

5. The "Hmm. Interesting that you mention moose. Did you know that there are white moose? They are super rare though." camp.

And of course:

6. The "I wasn't on board with this whole, weird moose diversion, but it's starting to grow on me." camp.

Now I am under no illusion that there aren't many, many more camps. Each of you is an entire camp unto yourself.

Nevertheless today's announcement is primarily directed to camp number two and camp number six. If you don't belong to either of those camps all I can do is urge you to get in the spirit of the thing. After that all I can do is hope for the best.

Today then is an announcement of an announcement. It's an excitement building announcement!

The "Did I see a moose?" reveal will take place on Sunday, August 10.

Just, you know, so you can prepare.

But, I'm going to see a moose, probably a white one, so don't worry too much.

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