Monday, August 11, 2014

Your vacation questions answered!

Not many days ago in blog time, but for me, before I went on vacation, I posed some questions for my future self about my vacation. These are the sort of questions I thought I might like to be asked. I am not exactly sure that that turned out to be entirely correct, but I do feel that it's very nice I've taken such an interest!

My vacation is done, so I propose now to answer these questions. Before I do I must say that where my answers are most terse it's probably because I wrote what amounts to a full blog post about that particular question while I was at Lake Superior, and I am just slightly resentful at being forced to tip my hand.  You will be reading those posts in the next week or two to come.

1. If not moose, or if yes moose, what other northern wildlife did you see on vacation?

Er, a hummingbird. Seagulls. Loons. Late in the trip there were some chipmunk sightings in parking lots. Basically there are no animals in Northern Minnesota.

2. Did you take your little inflatable kayak out onto the mighty Lake Superior?


3. Did you live?

I think so. But I don't know if I would recognize heaven. Is this heaven?

4. Did you find any bona fide Lake Superior agates?

No. I didn't look much though.

5. Any good thunderstorms?


6. How many pieces of wood did you burn?

3,746. We always hope that this is what the people renting the house to us would want us to do.

7. Was the water level noticeably higher than last year?

Yes. Very much so.

8. What was the best thing you ate?

One wild strawberry.

9. What was the prettiest thing you saw?

A rainbow landing in Lake Superior pooling into gold.

10. How were you different up there?

I was taller. What kind of question is this?

11. What was most fun.

You are asking the wrong questions.

12. What was most strange.


13. What was most miraculous?

See nine. 

14. What did you miss from home?

I am working on it. Can I get back to you?

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