Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sort of an old joke

I like to make fun of Bob Dylan here. Partly I just find him amusing. Partly I think he's just a wee bit too cool for school and the humility will be good for him. This perhaps is why he is drawn to my blog, like a moth to a flame. Though I admit he never likes it when I imitate his voice. Partly I think he is the great cultural giant of his time and that makes everything around him a trifle too important. One day he'll be dead, and then just you try mocking him! We'd better get it in now, because then it won't be easy. Just look how far you can get now mocking Caravaggio, or Shakespeare, though I hope you might consider giving it a whirl.

But despite my forays into Dylan teasing, I am a great admirer of his work. And to prove that my mockeries are not just a bunch of ignorant churlishness I thought I would show the depth of my Dylan scholarship here and appease, a little, the very, very, very earnest Dylan fans on my blog who feel I may have been a bit too hard on him.

First I'd like to say I've had a sort of silent moratorium on links in this blog for awhile, but it's Sunday, and I feel I can break a few rules, especially the ones I didn't even know were rules until I started breaking them. These links are to music. My list won't be too long and you don't have to hit the links to appreciate this post. You can, if you like, merely admire the list in all its elegant simplicity.

With all that said, here is a list of what I feel to be Bob Dylan's very best little known work. How little known? Dylan is one of the most rigorously cataloged artists there is, and yet I never find these following works listed in any of his discographies. Even if you are not a Dylan fan you may enjoy dazzling the Dylan fans you know by pulling these quite obscure works out of your hat.

So without further ado:

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