Saturday, November 29, 2014

Your wisdom blog

Some people are under the impression that this is a library blog, or maybe it's a moose blog, or perhaps a Dylan blog, or a cooking blog (couldn't you go for some potato taquitos just about now?), or a graffiti blog a Disney blog a grape blog a cat blog a coffee blog a fake blog (ooh, consider that one!) a blog about blogs a writing blog a marketing blog a book blog, or the blog to end all blogs.

But nope, fooled you. It's a wisdom blog! 

Wisdom blogs are where all the big money is these days. 

Yes, you can tweet that if you want.

Yesterday, right here, at this time, the subject of infinite wisdom came up. I had one more little thing to add today before we left it sitting there, on its lonesome mountain peak, quietly radiating peace, at least for awhile, until we decide to visit it again and pepper it with questions it will refuse to answer but that we suspect makes it ever so slightly nervous.

I am willing to accept a glimmer of possibility for all sorts religious constructions from waving chickens over your head to get rid of your sins through prophets flying on miniature horses with the face of a woman and the tail of a peacock to virgin births and enlightenment. 

But I draw the line at infinite wisdom. 

That stuff needs a good fence around it or it gets in everything!

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