Monday, December 1, 2014

Back options

My back hurts so badly I had to consider several options to keep, or to not keep, my Dimaggiesque daily blog post streak running (I think I am on the verge of passing Wee Willie Keeler's consecutive post streak of 44, or something like that).

Here were my options:

1. Let the blog go mysteriously dark. Listen carefully for the sound of the Internet's heart breaking. Remember that the Internet has no heart. There is just a ball of mirrors where the Internet's heart's supposed to be.

2. Run a repeat.

3. Find something clever I wrote and kept from my youth. Insert "my blog" into the text of it at random intervals.

4. Write a 4-point list of fresh material, but keep the quality down low so as to keep my options wide open for tomorrow.

5. Get all inscrutable.

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