Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why you are so sad

As a person who has worked a long time in a large (yet almost cozy!) library, one thing I have learned is how when people leave the library, the water closes right over them. The ocean of time obliterates in a quick and tiny splash! Old timers like to occasionally gather in twos and threes to recite the names of former employees partly because they know just how gone they are. When we do this recitation, what we are really saying is, the past did happen. It did!

Yeah, maybe it did, you creatures of the dream world!

All this is a bit on my mind as I come to the end of two weeks off with a bad back. Of course I hope that everything is going terribly at the library; carts and shelving backed up, the machine in chaos every morning, patrons complaining bitterly of poor service, and everyone in a surly mood, but even if everything at the library has completely fallen apart, unlikely as that is, no one is going to be standing around connecting it to my absence. No one is walking around with a scowl saying "Work sucks without him here!" Yeah, I know how it goes. This is why I am so glad I will be back probably in a few days; they'll need me to tell them.

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