Saturday, February 14, 2015


Look around you. Don't be low and downtrodden. There is something good and beautiful that you have. Look! It is there even though it may be small. There may be only a few, scattered petals of it. You may have forgotten it. But it is glorious, and every scrap of it that you can see is yours because you once wanted it with your whole heart. All love is yours and was made by your truest longing, for true longing alone can give birth to love and beauty. Despair if you like at how hard that is. It is hard. But it is also proof. Somewhere, sometime, you wanted it down to your boots and your soul. That is the only way to call it, the only way it can come. I don't care if you believe in God. What is that to me? But you are the Moon Wizard, you call the sun down to earth and you set the starlight traveling through the darkness. God is fine, go talk about god as you like, but you know how to do the greater thing. You have woven bone into flowers. Look at them there at your feet. Do not despair. You may have made mistakes you can never turn back from, but once, through the force of your will, you set love free.

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