Saturday, February 21, 2015


I had this idea for a post about torque transmission systems in library shelving and particularly the new Perseus Alphabetization System that all the library trade magazines are going nuts over these days.

You would have learned a lot.

My first sentence was going to have been: 

The "R" preceding "L" in the Perseus Alphabetization System is undoubtedly brilliant but suffers from some integration flaws we can still fix if we hurry.

Just before I wrote that, though, I had a thought come leaping into my mind.

What about fun?

What about fun!!

I am no beat writer for Library Trends and Forecasters Weekly, or The Journal of Alphabetical Research and Design, or Library Systems Obscure Tech Today.

No, I'm just a simple blogger.

And as delighted as I am with your company, as pleased as I am that you are a reader, I am not here to keep you informed, up to date, or to make you a better person, a better clerk, librarian, or citizen. I am not here to advocate for up to date library technology resources, better shelving systems, or an enlightened Internet.

I am here to party.


Am here

To Partay!

I am here to get so drunk on words that I can't see straight, until I am laughing hysterically, stumbling madly through my blog, shooting wicked bon mots into the ceiling until the plaster is raining down like stardust, until I am falling down the stairs like a giggling ragdoll and vowels are pouring out of my ears, red and lush like rubies and slaughter in a glorious, terrible, drunken stream as my consciousness slips away amid gales of laughter and dancing.

We may also go bowling.


  1. Replies
    1. I am personally fascinated by my ability to uncontrollably roll my ball in the exact same wrong place half a dozen or more times in a row, but not fascinated enough go bowling more than once a year or so.

      As a strange side note that a hater of bowling might appreciate, I have found the google plus page for bowling to be the single cruelest google plus page of them all.


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