Monday, March 2, 2015

Life lessons from my co-workers

I returned to work after a few precious days off. I'm on a long haul now, at the library six days out of the next seven. To add insult to the injury my first day back is with a collection of my worst possible co-workers. It's rare to be isolated with this small and wildly inefficient subgroup, but it can happen, and it has, on quite a busy day. My dance card will be full.

I could be cranky. I could be bitter. I could rail against my fate. But what instead is to stop me from making something constructive from this difficult situation? Why can't I see if I can learn something from even these worst among us? I have nothing to lose in trying.

So I keep my eyes open. And this, today, is what I have learned:

1. Always go where you aren't needed.

2. Ignore those who seek you until they give up and find someone else. Then immediately offer them your full attentions.

3.  Never arrive, rather always leave from somewhere else.

4.  Answer questions incorrectly, but with confidence.

5.  Never provide solutions, only the illusion of solutions.

6.  There is no problem so minute that it cannot be broken into five steps.

7.  From each according to their needs. To each according to their abilities.

8.  Knitting your brow makes it look like you are thinking.

9.  Do it now, no matter how trivial it is, and how urgent the next thing.

10. Beware understanding. It is the leak that will tear down the dam.


  1. Sometimes you're sort of quietly brilliant.

  2. How truly kind of you to say.

    I try to be as boisterous about it as I can, but if I am yelling at the top of my lungs it comes out, apparently, as a quiet whisper.


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