Friday, March 20, 2015


I have updated my blog subtitle to read:

Somewhere between  

the cream rises to the top 


dead things float 

lies the truth.

This song is good, that song is bad.This movie should have won the academy award. I love this blog, I hate this website, this is the best coffee shop in town, that one is garbage. I despised that book and adored this one. Those paintings are brilliant and the photographs have no merit.

How, actually, would we know what floats. We have churned the water like a million sharks in a cloud of blood. Let us all be quiet for a moment. Let the water clear and calm. Let's take a deep breath, and wait and wait some more.



Everything is calm. And yet it is still no use. 

The cream rises to the top, and dead things float. 

Perhaps the surface is not the place to look.

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