Sunday, March 22, 2015

Turkey at library

I've missed a few of my walks, so it was probably inevitable. I'll be walking the river tomorrow, but what with car things, weather things, schedule conflicts, I haven't seen my spirit turkey for a week, maybe two. So the turkey wandered over to the library.

Rumors of four turkeys on the fringes of the parking lot had been circulating. Then the children's librarian cried out "There's a turkey at the back door!" 

Well naturally. I know that turkey.

Everyone ran to the back door. I went to the windows in the break room instead. That's on the other end of the building. I needed to be alone. That's how it works. Sure enough the turkey headed there. It danced in the parking lot traffic. It gave me one soulful look in the eye.

"Don't be so mad at everything." My turkey seemed to say before heading out into a trafficky avenue.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I whispered.


  1. A dream voice is telling me that the Shaman of the Internet might be a novice of paganism and so I am compelled to interject here:
    Please DO NOT follow your spirit animal out into traffic!

    1. Are you sure? The turkey is avoiding cars with alacrity and seems to be beckoning.

      No, I don't think it's paganism. Traditionally I have called it Polypantheatheism, but I'm pretty sure I am in the process of writing a brand new religious text of my own here. It's gonna be BIG.

    2. Excellent. I'm working on our Chinese.manufacturers.

  2. Yeah. The turkey. Thank you.

    1. I pretty much felt the same way!

      You're welcome, though.


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