Monday, April 6, 2015

A name is a terrible thing to live up to

A true story.

The library phone rings this morning. It is my job to answer it. It's all very old fashioned.

"I WOULD LIKE TO RENEW SOME BOOKS." Says the patron in an unmistakable fashion, one that is terribly easy to hear. Perhaps it is a trifle too easy to hear.

"I need the barcode off of your library card." I say in a quiet tone, hoping to bring down the volume of our discourse.

"JUST A MOMENT. I'LL LOOK FOR IT." A volunteer across the room, startled, looks up, wondering what all the racket is leaking out around the edges of my ear. I wait patiently, cowering slightly.

"The barcode is 21120827544462" The patron broadcasts.

I type it in dutifully. The computer brings up the patron's account and name:

Elizabeth Yells.

Wow. She sure does.

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