Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Amazing true life library story

So there I am at the front desk of the library. A woman comes up to the desk with 11 or 12 DVDs she pulls messily from a bag. She wants to check them out. Or, more accurately, in a world full of self check out machines, she wants me to check them out. I don't mind. I start checking them out. It's very easy. At around DVD number eight I come, surprisingly, to a duplicate. This woman has two copies of a movie called Last Vegas. That's okay. At my library you can check out as many of the same copy of something as we have on the shelf. For instance, people sometimes do this with books for book clubs. We even have "book clubs in a bag" that include ten of the same book.

But people don't usually do this with movies, so I figure I'll just check.

"Do you want both of these?" I ask, holding up the identical DVDs.

A look that I would describe as "faint surprise" fleetingly crosses her face. "No." She says flatly. "I don't want either of them."


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