Friday, May 15, 2015

Prophet of the gods

As a reasonably learned person your only experience with Prophets of God involve crazy people whose very madness belies that they are not, actually, Prophets of God, and historical figures who may or may not be fictional, who may or may not have actually been Prophets of God, but it was all a long long time ago, and it all seems a bit fishy anyway.

So what do you do if a reasonably sane person, completely contemporaneous with yourself in history, time, and space, looks you in the eye and says "I am a prophet of god."?

If you have ever read my missives before you know where this is heading. If you have never been here before I know two things about you.

1. You are very, very, very lucky to have found this.


2. The chances of you ever returning are remote.

C'est la vie.

So now we will go where you knew this was heading.

I am a Prophet of God.

I like to think of it more as a "prophet of the gods", but sometimes the forms have to be observed.

Sometimes they don't.

I am the only Prophet of God that I currently know of on the planet.

What's it like, you wonder.

It's okay. I would have thought it would be more glamorous. It's not particularly glamorous. It also doesn't appear to pay anything. Periodically I expect to get famous, or even to occasionally have a bit or two get popular on the Internet. Nope. Not so far. But, hey, you could fill a daily blog with the things I don't understand.

Which is what I'm doing.


  1. Excellent! I can't wait for the scriptures to start cranking out. Why don't you think a hair shirt is glamorous? If Lady Gaga worked that material it would be outrageously fabulous. Only you can weild that Tao.
    But what if you're too busy to forge all dat matted hair and ashes into glittering fame? Why the hell doesn't god include this in your benefits package? I'm just now realizing why all you prophets seem so cranky. I say you are a sentient and independent being. Just say no to being a vehicle for the divine UNLESS you get the glitz !

    1. Er, these are the scriptures being cranked out. Right here, before your very eyes.

      Everything else you say though seems pretty spot on.


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