Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The 3D Printer

My library system has a 3D Printer. It's a printer, but instead of printing documents (boring!), it prints objects (intriguing!).

My library also has CTEPs (pronounced "see-teps"). Don't ask me what CTEP stands for because I will truculently refuse to look it up. But what CTEPs come down to is that they are AmeriCorps post college kids who come work here for a year to muck about with technology issues. This generally means helping teach computer classes, helping patrons with computer problems, and running technology programs that feature things like our 3D Printer.

So at some point during any of our CTEPs year-long stint with us I will see them wheeling around the 3D Printer, and if I haven't made the joke to them before (hopefully), I will grab a key (usually the bookdrop key), gesture vaguely to the 3D Printer, and say to them "Can you make me a copy of this key?"

Invariably they will look blankly at me for a second, and then they will laugh.

And that's all.

But the day that one of the CTEPs says "Sure, just put the key here, and we'll print it out." Is the day that I will be interested in the 3D printer.


  1. I am guessing that the CTEP's that I know (I know two of them!) know the CTEP that you know that one day might print you a key. I believe they gather on Fridays. Perhaps they will coincide tomorrow.


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