Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At the beginning

Now is now, and then it's over. The mighty books of wisdom are excellent with the first part of this and stumble over the second. Why not. Our visions are not investments. Plans may save us, but when they do it will happen in the present.

At Lake Superior, largest lake in the world, I stare out at the horizon to see how far I can see. My close vision is shot at age 50, but I still pride myself on how distantly my eyes can reach. And there, peering into the horizon, I am surprised. The line where the lake meets the sky is not flat or straight or smooth or clear. It is full of dazzling illusions, false islands, waves, floating pieces of sky.

Moment to moment everything out there changes. Wonders come down like falling rain and disappear forever. Everything that is near can pierce your heart and spit you to the ground. All the far things dissolve into dreams.

Now is now. All wisdom will beg us to live here if we can because nothing can ever reconcile us to the endless things we lose in each passing second.

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