Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh how I suffer

I know there are children going to bed hungry tonight, people who are unjustly imprisoned rotting away in cruel jails, and good folk struck down by terrible diseases.

But I suffer too.

There I am shelving in the fiction section. I have worked through to the beginning of the "H's" when I come to an out of order "Gerristen" on my book cart. I have to walk clear out of my aisle, halfway down the next aisle, and shelve the book there. But as I'm shelving it I find two Tess Gerristen books shelved out of order in their own right. I put those in their proper places and return to my cart where I find a library patron, who has a huge library full of books to browse from, browsing on my shelving cart. No, that's okay. After a few moments consideration the patron decides they don't want the two books they've examined, and they leave them perched on the edge of one of my book cart's shelves for me to put back in order.

"How do you do it?" You ask. "How do you endure?"



Calmness, wisdom, and humility. I take the broad view. 

Yes, no one suffers or endures more than me, but I am enlightened. I have the power to manipulate matter with my mind. I can levitate. I can predict the future and talk with the gods. I can travel freely through time. I can turn anything I want to gold with a single touch. I can raise up mountains with a gesture of my hand. I can see through walls. I am mighty. I am pure love. I am an agent of the stars. I will live forever. No knowledge can elude me. I can make all dreams come true. I am made of light.

So I've found that that sort of helps me through difficulties.

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