Friday, October 23, 2015

Grape's birthday

The question is asked:

Why on this blog do we celebrate Grape's Birthday every year despite regularly celebrating no other occasion?

I don't know.

So the question is asked:

How do we celebrate Grape's Birthday?

We're not sure. Like this?

And sometimes, I am guessing, even Grape asks:

Who is Grape?

That is an interesting question! Going from my own experience I bet Grape finds it a very interesting question.

And when there are enough people gathered here, which occasionally there are, a few people ask:

Why should I care about this Grape's Birthday when I don't even know this Grape person or much of anything about him?

And that's when I suggest we all sing him the birthday song before we get headed in entirely the wrong direction.



  1. Grape woke this morning with his usual trudge to the kitchen for his vitamins, then he checked his email. Then he moved a few things around his desk and looked outside and noticed that it's pretty, the way the light lands on the street and the ash trees. Another twenty minutes or so and Grape looked at clerk, and reading it, learned it is his birthday.

    Thank you Feldenstein Calypso, for reminding Grape. He would have remembered soon enough, but what a treat to learn it here! It's like reading an Emily Dickinson poem that reminds one that it is One's--Day of Earth around the Sun.

    And thank you for the song. And a lot of other things, too.

    1. On behalf of clerkmanifesto and everyone who, huddled over their phone or sitting at their computer monitor or running through their email, threw propriety out the window and sang out the Happy Birthday song to you, you're welcome!


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