Monday, October 26, 2015


Once a month or so the Atheists book our large meeting room. It is always on a Sunday, giving the feeling that they're setting up in a direct competition. They were here just this past Sunday while I was at the front desk. The vestibule that leads into the meeting room is white and lit up. It even glows a little. My desk partner kept directing people who were looking for the Atheist meeting by saying "Go towards the light."

"In deference to their beliefs you might want to offer more scientific directions." I suggested. "Like, head 30 degrees South by Southwest and take the first branching left."

Later in the back room one of my colleagues surprised me by confessing that the Atheists kind of creeped him out.

"But there is no God." I teased him.

"Wait." He said. "You believe in God, don't you?"

I gave him my standard Polypantheatheist speech. "I am a Polypantheatheist.  I believe that there are many gods, that god is everywhere, and that there is no God. In fact, I'll believe just about anything. The only thing I refuse to believe is that there is One God. I refuse to believe that anyone could be that bad at their job."

I suppose I was being a tad willful, and theatrical. A nearby volunteer was keeping a conspicuous poker face. My colleague was too eager to go outside and smoke his cigarette to pursue the matter, and my own words forced a reckoning in me. I looked around my library. I looked at what I knew of the world. Most people are entirely that bad at their job!

Still, I refuse to think any of them are God.

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