Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Post number 1,000

This is my thousandth blog post.

It is a time for reflection, a time to sew up old ends, ravel unravelings, and take care of some unfinished business.

So I would like to start by apologizing for posts number 98, 136, 414, 415, 862, and 904. The thought of them does not exactly torment me, but I have never officially apologized and figured this was the time to do it. I regret, for obvious reasons, post 591, but I still shed a tear when I reread it.

In post number 737 the banner should now read:  

Never Forget, Never Remember!
June something,

But if you had memorized post 737 don't worry,  I have edited your memory as well and you will remember nothing different. But no, you are in no way expected to memorize any of my posts and so I have removed that from my bylaws which were in post number 801.

I changed the name to "Dave" for consistency's sake in posts 41, 111, 401, and 511. Post number 566 is now an analogy for following one's own muse. Caterpillars have been released into six different posts in the hope that within about 10 days more butterflies will appear in my back catalog of posts. Keep your fingers crossed. If you decide to go rereading bring a net.

I made a slight syntax edit on post 655 so that I will appear more prophetic to future historians of this blog. And while reviewing my previous 999 posts I made the following proofreading corrections:

43: Their to there.
210: to to too.
419: they're too to there to.
555: two tutus to their to to two twos too their.
881: that there too you're to that that their to your.

I might be fixing several of those again in the future.

I removed elephants from posts 919, 933, and 954 mostly because I have a feeling that I'll be using them in upcoming posts 1045, 1422, and 2776, which, admittedly is a long way off, but you know what they say about elephants.

Sadly I have had to entirely delete post number, um, well, I guess I did a thorough job on that! Still, perhaps a moment of silence in its memory, which we no longer have of it.

That was nice.

As for the other 971 posts, they are completely unaltered, which is a lot of things sitting out there staying the same. Sometimes they get lonely, so I go visit them. Your always welcome tutu. 


  1. I was waiting for several of those changes since post 617, just waiting around after memorizing them all for my memory to shift, knowing that you shifted it. Finally! Thank you.

    The elephant removal I still need to live with, however. I understand...I understand, but still, isn't there a place for one? Just one?

    1. No problem. I hated to make you wait, but if I rushed it and made a mistake you could be all like "Wait, what's your name again?" to every single person you know for the next dozen years.

      Sorry about the elephant removal. To tide you over I am sending a small elephant (relatively) to stay at your house for awhile. Get rid of the mice and stock up on peanuts. Lots of peanuts.

  2. this reads like a literary version of groucho marx. good reflection.... :)

    1. Literary version of groucho marx? I think I've hit the goldmine of compliments! Thanks.


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