Sunday, December 6, 2015

A mystery solved

I was out on the river walking paths again this morning. They were mostly plowed and mostly melted so the going was pretty good. Oddly enough there was an unusually strong flow of people coming the other direction towards me. Even more oddly I kept trying to sidle over to the right side of the path as we came towards each other, but most of these people were having none of that. "I like it just fine here on my left side of the path" they seemed to say, "And I'm not budging."

If I can I will go with the flow, and I avoid pointless altercations with strangers anyway. Besides, they're probably just a bunch of new refugees from England.

"Smashing fine day it is here, Guv'nor." I say all friendly to them in their native accent as I veer left. "Cheers!"

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