Monday, December 21, 2015

The Rome Blog

Dozens of people ask me everyday "What kind of blog do you write?"

And I like to answer "You must read it to understand."

And they say "No."

This, of course, is their prerogative, like supporting right wing politicians or stealing books from libraries or drowning sacks of kittens.

But as you know, the kind of blog I write, er, varies. There's:

The library blog
The prophet of the gods blog
The cat blog
The nature blog
The dylan blog
The pursuit of publishing blog
The cooking blog
The moose blog
The coffee blog
The books blog
The visions of fame blog
The lake superior blog
The art blog
The city blog
The internet is a rash blog
The god blog
The marketing blog
The blog about blogging blog
The memoir blog
The river blog
The writing blog
The weather blog

You are probably thinking "So few? I remember more."

But no, alas, that is all of them. And I agree, it is not many. So I am starting a new one.

You are probably thinking "Huh, usually he doesn't exactly announce new ones, just, one day he writes a post about a moose and I'm all like, 'huh', and then, like, he won't stop writing about mooses!"

I didn't know you felt that way about the moose posts. Maybe you missed the really good ones? They're totally here somewhere. Just give me a moment...

Anyway, even though it is unusual for me to announce a new major subject line for clerkmanifesto, I am doing it today. Sometime in less than a year my wife and I will be going to Rome for a (relatively) long time. Because I have already begun a good bit of thinking, musing, wallowing in, and dreaming about this, it won't be long before Rome starts to leak into the corners of this blog. You will eventually start to see little pools and fountains of Rome scattered throughout clerkmanifesto, and well before 2016 is over you can probably expect this blog to be entirely submerged in all things Rome.

Rome Rome Rome Rome, Rome. Get your umbrellas and galoshes! It's coming!

But why, you ask, the warning?

Yes, usually I just let it happen, but here I already know: I'm going to be going for baroque on this one.

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